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About Us

The PRIMA (Pregnancy-Related Issues in the Management of Addictions) project is designed to assist Canadian health professionals providing prenatal and intrapartum care for women with problematic substance use in pregnancy (PSUP) as well as neonatal and pediatric care for children who were substance-exposed in utero. The PRIMA project team is committed to improving the care of Canadian women and children affected by substances through information that is scientifically sound and unbiased.

The addictionpregnancy.ca website is intended to be both an information source and a portal to high quality information sources.

The information on addictionpregnancy.ca is maintained through a collaborative process of specialist contributors and managed by a small group of health care practitioners. Each contributor to addictionpregnancy.ca is a health care provider, child development expert or other specialist who is currently doing clinical work, research, education and/or community service in a field related to addiction and pregnancy or child development. All contributors to addictionpregnancy.ca are members of good standing of their regional licensing authority, where applicable.


Ordean A, Midmer D, Graves L, Payne S, Hunt G, and the PRIMA Group*. PRIMA (Pregnancy-Related Issues in the Management of Addictions): A Reference for Care Providers. Toronto (Canada): Department of Family & Community Medicine, University of Toronto, 2009

*R. Abrahams, K. Cardinal, M. Kahan, P. Mousmanis, R. Wilson, S. Wong.

The PRIMA team

British Columbia Ron Abrahams, MD, Family Physician
Nancy Poole, Provincial Research Consultant, Women and Substance Use
Georgia Hunt, MD, Family Physician
Ron Wilson, MD, Family Physician
Saskatchewan George D. Carson, MD,
Obstetrician/ Gynecologist
Manitoba Marina Reinecke, MD, Family Physician
Ontario Claudette Chase, MD, Family Physician
Mike Franklyn, MD, Family Physician
Lisa Graves, MD, Family Physician
Meldon Kahan, MD, Family Physician
Theresa Kim, Research Assistant
Pat Mousmanis, MD, CCFP
Alice Ordean, MD, Family Physician
Quebec Samuel Harper, MD, Family Physician
New Brunswick Lori Vitale Cox, PhD, FASD Expert Consultant

Site Editors

Theresa Kim
Alice Ordean
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