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Medical Issues Safety
Hepatitis B Safe, no risk
Hepatitis C Safe, HCV RNA detected in breast milk

Substance Issues Safety
Active Heavy Alcohol or Drug Use
(Cocaine, Marijuana)
> Relative CONTRAINDICATION to breastfeeding due to infant toxicity
> Abstinence recommended while breastfeeding
Occasional Moderate
Alcohol or Drug Use
> All agents are detected in breast milk
> Abstinence recommended while breastfeeding
> Alcohol may decrease let-down reflex and suppress lactation;
   delay nursing for 1-2 hours per drink to minimize infant exposure
> Stimulants: advise women not to breastfeed within 3 days
   of using (pump and dump)
> Marijuana: may cause lethargy and poor feeding in infants
Methadone Safe no risk
Buprenorphine Safe, limited data available

Refer to individual substances for more detailed information
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