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You can watch the video presentations of our PRIMA workshops here as well as download the presentation slides. The videos and slides are available in both English and French. 

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Information Guides

> Red Flags Guide

Clinical Tools

> Preschool Developmental Assessment Tool
> Improving the Odds: Health Child Development

Patient handouts

Fir Square Family Education Handouts

About Fir Square
Fir square is a safe place for you to come when you are struggling with substance misuse. They offer withdrawal management and/or methadone stabilization during pregnancy and in the post partum period. They believe in harm reduction. They understand it isn’t easy to stop or cut down your use, so our aim is to help reduce substance use and risky behaviours that can cause harm to you and your baby. They support you and your baby to safely stay together in hospital and after you leave hospital, and help you to gain confidence with parenting. They offer alcohol and drug counseling, assessment and support as well as a referral service as needed.

Fir Square is located at:
BC Women’s Hospital,
4500 Oak Street,
Vancouver, B.C.
At Oak and 29th Avenue.
You can be referred by a physician, street nurse or yourself.
Call 604-875- 2229 and ask for the charge nurse.

> Tobacco Use During Pregnancy

> Alcohol Use During Pregnancy
> Amphetamine Use During Pregnancy
> Cocaine Use During Pregnancy
> Inhalant and Solvent Use During Pregnancy
> Marijuana Use During Pregnancy
> Opiate Use During Pregnancy

PRIMA Presentation Slides


> Women Centred Care
> Community Talk
> Adult Education
> Overview of Addictions
> Delia’s Case


> Une approche axée sur les femmes quant à l’usage problématique de substances durant la grossesse
> Usage problématique de substances durant la grossesse : Discussion communautaire
> Stratégies d’apprentissage: Lesquelles donnent les meilleurs résultats ?
> Vue d’ensemble de la toxicomanie
> Étude de cas Delia

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